Reef Check Malaysia

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In September 2020, Watakala signed its first ever WATAHERO, to co create a series of dive masks. Our goal is to create design series dedicated to one conservation effort each time.

For the last 14 years, Reef Check Malaysia has worked with volunteers to measure the health of Malaysian reefs.

“You can’t just focus on what’s in the water (the reefs). It’s a holistic approach. You need to also take care of what’s on land. We cannot protect and preserve the reefs without the local community.” – Alvin Chelliah, Programme Manager at RCM tells Cilisos

Today, not only do they monitor more than 200 reefs, but are also actively involved in coral management initiatives, for instance helping establish Pulau Tioman's Management and Conservation Group, which has seen the reef conditions improve in the last 3 years.


ReefCheck surveys show that Pulau Tioman's coral cover is improving


Reef Check Malaysia literally has a waiting list of volunteers that go out and survey reefs. However, they do need new trainers, as well as donations. Also, they can ALWAYS use more corporate sponsors too! Click on the links below to help out....

Become a Reef Checker (a.k.a. EcoDiver)

Join their network of dive centres


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