Our semi-official, not-quite, launch on Malaysian Divers FB

So last week, we decided to ask one of our active local communities, Malaysian Divers on Facebook, for their thoughts on the upcoming designs of our first collection.

To be honest, 2020 has been a tough year trying to get WATAKALA up, with our original printer closing down, and our first designer mysteriously disappearing (no really). For a long time, we couldn't even find a local manufacturer willing to experiment with neoprene, which is usually manufactured and finished in China or Taiwan.

Luckily, we managed to find an adventurous printer in Sg Buloh named Oscar (who has his own interesting story), and also recruited a talented dive instructor/ designer named Krys from the Malaysian Divers FB.

So we thought it appropriate that since we found some designs there, we should also ask the community what they thought of them. Operating in a silo for a year to get these products out, you're never really sure whether the designs or products would take (with one friend even saying they looked like Cuti-Cuti Malaysia souvenirs *you know who you are*).

And then we get this...

Just comment after comment, and a flood of inbox messages asking for price and availability... To someone starting up a new company, this is honestly as good as it gets.

Which is why we're now fast-tracking production, and also for the dear members of the Malaysian Diver's group, a one-off coupon that gets you 15% off the price tags, just for all the awesome feedback.

For all you lovely people, may I present you WATAKALA's first ever discount coupon...


Just key it into your shopping cart, and include a huge dollop of personal gratitude, from all one of us at WATAKALA!