Launching because we're all stuck at home

So it's MCO Day 16 in Malaysia, and since we're stuck at home, we thought one of the things we could continue to work on would be the website for WATAKALA. Amazingly, is now ours! We originally bought, but just a few days ago, we checked again and .com became available!


But .org is not a bad place to be, because personally, I don't usually see businesses as purely commercial ventures. Yes a business needs to make money to survive, but it also needs to have a bigger purpose (at least for my perspective as an entrepreneur). In WATAKALA's case, we committed very early on that we're going to give 5% of our bottom line to conservation projects around the world, and we're going to try our damndest to stick to that commitment as long as we're around.


But it isn't just that, each product we put out will also make a connection between a diver, and a related conservation project, through our WataHeroes initiative. We're already talking to a few partners in Malaysia who have been doing good work, like RCM, OceanQuest and TRACC.


It's uncertain times for all businesses in a post-Covid world, but on the bright side, the ocean gets a breather from us for a few months. And when it's time to jump back in the wata, make sure you bloody well appreciate the privilege.